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Posted by Administrator (admin) on Feb 21 2011 at 8:59 PM
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Green Making strives to bring people interested in green homes together at the local level. One of the most successful areas, so far, has been our Meetup groups, which have collected over 350 people in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our groups are one of the most convenient places to find events related to designing, building, remodeling, selling and living in green homes.

If you live in or near San Francisco, check out our groups. The Green Building group publishes events in San Francisco, the North Bay, East Bay and peninsula areas. The Green Making for the Silicon Valley group publishes events in San Jose, the South Bay, the southern East Bay, the southern peninsula, Santa Cruz County and Monterey County. Go to The Greens in the Table of Contents and look for the Meetup listings for your area.

Green Making sends out one e-mail message to everyone in our Meetup groups at the beginning of each week. By default, Meetup sends notices for each meeting, but we have turned this off for our groups and aggregate events so that members generally only get one e-mail message a week. (We sometimes send special notices if we post a late event or a special event comes up.)

So, welcome to Green Making, the local community for building green homes.