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List Your Video

This page allows you to list your video on Green Making. Your video needs to be hosted on another site. When you list it, you link to the page on that site that displays your video. You can also hand us the code to embed your video here, so that it can play in the viewer on the video log page.

Videos should be helpful to those interested in green homes, and generally explain the concepts and techniques that apply to a healthy, sustainable and energy-efficient residence. Your listing will be reviewed by our staff (generally within one business day), and we will add all appropriate videos to our website.

You must be logged in to list your video. If you are not logged in, please do so now and then return to this page.

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How to List Your Video

Listing your events according to the following guidelines will help make them easier to find. Videos are subject to review and descriptions may be edited by our staff after they are submitted to fit our guidelines.

Title: Add a short title. Try to put the distinguishing characteristics of the video in the first few words. Short titles just long enough to distinguish your video from others are the best because they are the most readable.

Site Name: Enter the name of the site where your video is hosted. If you host it on a site like YouTube, there may also be a channel or account name, which you can include here. The site name can be up to 80 characters.

Link: Enter the URL of the page on the hosting site where someone can watch your video. Go to the page on the site where you would click the "Play" button and copy its URL from the browser address box for this value.

Postal Code: Enter the Zip Code that most closely applies to the video. We need the postal code so that we can identify the geographical area and present the video to people nearby. If your event is online or broadcast (a webinar or a TV show, for example) or if its about a technique or concept that applies to everyone, check the National box and leave the Postal Code field empty.

Description: Enter a description of your video that tells us (1) who appears in the video, (2) briefly, the topic (usually one or two sentences), and (3) any additional specific information, such as a link to your website or the location of an event that's been captured. You can enter a link to a Web page with the following format:


where "link" is the target URL starting with "http://" or "shttp://" and "name" is a brief name for the page referenced. So, for example, entering "...[url=]U.S. Postal Service[/url]..." will result in a link in your text, such as "...U.S. Postal Service...".

You cannot and should not use HTML tags or other formatting.

Play Code: Copy the play code from the hosting site. The play code is a string of characters that video sites use to allow you to embed the video on other sites. The string usually starts with "<object ...", "<embed...", or "<iframe...". On YouTube, you can get this string easily by clicking the "Embed" button under the video and selecting settings for the video. Select the whole play code and paste it into our "Play Code" field.

Our viewer is 505 pixels high. The best settings to use set the height of the play code to be about this size. Your code will be changed to fit this form factor when it is recorded. This can create odd dimensions, so you may have to try more than one setting to get what you want. If you have problems, please contact us and we'll help you out!

Topic(s): Please check off one or more topics that indicate to potential viewers what they can expect to find in the video. Generally, select the one to three topics that best fit the message of the video.

Thank you for contributing to Green Making!